Friday, October 23, 2009

It has been much too long since I have written. I spent all this week paiting and crafting and starting to get some items listed on Etsy with the up coming Holiday season fastly approaching I needed to focus on Christmas items even though Halloween isn't even here yet.

Last Saturday (The 17th) We took our 7 year old to the mall she has been promised she could have her ears pierced for quite some time now and for one reason or the other it hasn't been able to happen. We decided regardless of anything else it was time for her to have it done.

It has been a very long time since I had mine done at 12 and I guess still had that same price range in mind when we got there. I had the young sales person kindly show me the choices of earrings she could chose from out of the 14KT gold section so it reduced the chances of infection and told those are what I had to choose from for her "first time"
My 7 year old was ecstatic as the case twirled and she saw big sparkly white colored stones she saw the biggest ones and said those I said no, 80.00.......But the ear piercing is free with the earrings the sales girl said i nodded and smiled and was thinking and she's 7 lol

finally the case twirled and she found sparkly pink hearts 35.00 and yes the ear piercing was free:)
My next fear was that she would get through the first ear and not the next. she got through both with only the word oww uttered after the first. and she was happily skipping to her and her brothers favorite thing about the mall 3 minutes later The escalator we must go uo and right back down just once lol

It was part of her Christmas present and she was happy with this she has a list a mile long already of all the earrings she wants me to make for her. If i did she would be 80 before I finished them all:)

Her brother was asked by the sales associate(he's 10) if he was going to get his pierced  NOOO was his reply.

I have decided that this may be the last decent weekend with a temperature suitable for being outside and not bundled up in 6 layers so I am going to collect  some leaves while they are peak colors dry them and next weekend attempt some child friendly art projects with the kids. along with my usual collection of cat tails, berries,birch bark and a few small miscellaneous branches i generally rescue before winter.

Living near a lake there is usually plenty of all of that through the trails and it's so fun to collect all of it and find inspirataion the kids love it.

Hubby is usually chosen to wade through the trenches of the marshland to get the perfect few cat tails and later on pussy willows but he does it without complaint. I tell him at 6'4 water lever is ankle high compared to my 5'4 waist high that and his reach make it a considerably easier task for him to complete.

I am finally off to bed for some much needed sleep after this very long week.