Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today was an eventful day and a great one all rolled into one.
We didn't take the kids trick or treating this year for many reasons but I did plan a whole day of halloween themed things for them.
Morning started with atc cards from their NaNa she makes beautiful things and they always appreciate receiving them it always brings excitement for them.
I made each of them a card and a skull ring pink with pink glitter for my daughter classic white for my son. To set the spooky mood.

At lunchtime came treat bags i hand painted My sons a pumpkin man,My daughters a witch, Filled with goodies and treats vampire teeth with chocolate oozey centers boo bars candy corn candy pumpkins etc.

They enjoyed much of this. Dinner time brought pot roast with potatoes and corn followed by cupcakes I made for them with decorations spiders bats ghosts candy corn orange cupcakes with black frosting. They were in awe:)

After dinner and clean up they had their baths got into their jammies and watched Tv for a little while during this I decorated my craft room simply with faux spider webbing spiders etc and set the seats just so.

Ahead of time hubby and I had found a kids ghost story online and had the props ready 2 frozen latex gloves filled with water and candy eyeballs. (The story can be found here)  It's called One Halloween night and child appropriate.

We opted out of the spaghetti , spaghetti sauce and peeled grapes props and just stuck with the simple.
My daughter screamed when my husband put the frozen hand in her lap in the dark just as it was mentioned in the story my son laughed, The worst was when the chocolate peanut butter eyeballs that in the light the wrappers do look like eyes went flying from my daughters hands across the room. if you read the story you can as they did appreciate the humor in all of this.

After the ghost story when the lights came back on and the props could be seen and laughed at I heard in Unison "This was the best Halloween ever" We decided We wanted something that for them would last throughout the day and be a bit more meaningful than just simply maybe remembering what they dressed up as this year. The fact that we managed to do this for them and they didn't feel like they were missing anything said we succeeded.

It truly was a great day for all of us and one that we will definitely remember and we believe they will as well. I hope everyones halloween was as wonderful as ours.
Below are the creepy cupcakes I made and a photo of the eyeballs used in the story they are sitting on the halloween card that the kids ATC cards from Nana Were in.

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