Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HandMade With Love

It has been much too long since my last entry I need to make my new years resolution early and just do it like Nike on at least a daily basis.
I always need to have this idea of a specific topic to talk about for inspiration or I get classic writers block. I need to learn to just write freely. If you ask my Husband he will tell you I have plenty to say:)

Tonight blog entry is about this really wonderful person I have gotten to know but more about the wonderful shop she has on artfire. Please take the time to check it out.

Hand made by Sheri on Artfire you will find a link to her shop below

I met Sheri in a crafting group we both belong to I saw her shop and her beautiful hand work and was in awe. Her attention to detail shows through even more in person.

I was in need of a pair of fingerless gloves to allow me to work (warmly) on a daily basis and I knew seeing her work I wanted her to do them. I wrote to her and asked her she got a pattern took measurements and made me pair number one and like lightning they were finished and shipped. seeing her beautiful work in person was even more endearing she literally puts herself into the items she makes and has amazing attention to details. Below is a picture of pair number 1

 I have since ordered my second pair and they are as we speak on the way. I picked out the yarn online sent her the link she ordered it made them to order. I have worn the first pair on a daily basis and every evening remember how wonderful her handwork is as my hands are warm.

I have seen may other pairs of these in retail shops and from other sellers and I will never go anywhere else now.

She makes strands of wool and cotton into very beautiful things. Something that fascinates me is her mobius scarf she has listed that is seamless. For someone like me that can not get my head around knit one purl 2 this is amazing. My father is a mathmetician and maybe he could explain it to me, but I am certain it would also fascinate him it is exquisite.

The energy that goes into each piece she makes is positive as I believe she lives her life.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her and to have her beautiful hand made items grace my hands.
If you are looking for something unique incredibly well made & exceptional service please take the time to check out her shop she does take custom orders and right now has a pair of fingerless gloves listed that makes me wish with everything in me that I could wear wool

Thank You Sheri!

The button below please also take time to check out the wonderful blog by Fae and the contest it runs the month of december and has great prizes to win. I am lucky enough to be one of the contributors to this and there are many very talented and generous people giving as well.

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