Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Journey Into A New Business

" You Miss 100 % of the shots you never take"-~Wayne  Gretzky~

With this ever so powerful quote in mind it far surpasses the world of hockey but applies to everyday life. I have tried recently to very much apply it to my own.

I am an artisian That was so difficult for me to say for so long because I never considered myself that I thought that Artisians were way above my realm of artwork or crafting that I just did things I enjoyed or liked and then later occasional made some money at it not alot but enough to make me believe some of my "talents" might be ok.

Now I know that I do quality work that art is just that art and all of our interpretations are different and so are our talents. The beauty lies within and the ability to do it without a paycheck and keep going is harder than any job out there or any recreational muse.

I started my own shop on etsy I am still learning the picture part gets frustrating but I am truly enjoying it.

I do many mediums I do not limit myself to one and am always trying new things.
I taught myself to do decorative painting some years ago and am still developing this but I truly enjoy it. I do beaded jewelry mostly earrrings and necklaces those are my favorite pieces to do but I find myself finding lots of inspiration for brooches and pins in recent months as well.

I love steampunk I am still experimenting with this also and most recently found poly resin what an awesome medium to work with providing you can have a fairly controlled temperature and well ventilated area.

I have had to learn to be totally creative work with what i have and find new uses for items it has given me inspiration and some very unique pieces that anyone else would have a difficult time duplicating.

I am hoping that through my experiences and writing it will inspire other crafters like myself other unique artisians to keep doing what they are doing and share experiences with others so that we may all learn and grow.

If you really want to do something,you have to at least try if you don't try you can't succeed or fail and you will always be left wondering. The journey is the best part the greatest reward with the opportunity to grow and learn.

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