Friday, October 02, 2009

Entering October

Today was an eventful day the 2nd of October brought cold weather feeling more like November The running of the furnace and the realization that it will soon be running all the time as will our fuel man to our rather old home.
It also marked My oldest sons 20th Birthday another realization that a couple of decades have passed and I am getting older( not that  don't have reminders of that on a daily basis:)
He has grown beyond the birthday parties and mom making him a birthday cake he goes to work and does what we do I look at him and still see my Baby sometimes and other times i see a fine young man an adult I am proud to know and love. Incredibly smart,talented and responsible. Assurance for me I was not perfect but I did OK and more importantly he did in making good choices along the way and learning from the not so good ones as well.

So today was a pause & a bit of reflection for me a little while to craft and create and relax.
I painted a new set of Martini glasses today with Flamingos I just needed something fun and warm.
Wine glasses and other stemware are my favorite thing to paint they are so unique each one something you can't buy in any store when you have done it yourself and a gift people always appreciate.
No matter what design you choose it always makes an otherwise plain glass just shine and is something people love.

I watched pirates of the caribbean  3 with my youngest 2 children a movie I have seen many times but thrills them more I think each time. It was nice for some reason they chose tonight to be one of the only ones that TV or where to sit etc doesn't cause a war. They were very relaxed and peaceful. They are 10 & 7

They keep me crafting and keep me listing refusing to let me get discouraged and want to know consistently what i am making doing etc. They are a major support system for me whether thay realize it or not as is my very patient husband -The poor man deals with alot through my creativity and never seems to mind:)
I am truly blessed to have him in my life and greatful for it everyday.

Another support system is a wonderful group I joined a group for artists whether you sell your crafts or just do it for fun. Wonderful people there and a great place for crafters of all sorts. I am also thankful I found that and look forward to continuing to get to know others in the group as well. So many unbelievably talented people there.

If you have a chance check out my shop and feel free to send me some feedback what you would like to see,what you would like you can't find anywhere, or just feedback in general positive or Constructive critisim is welcome afterall they both help you grow.