Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today was an eventful day and a great one all rolled into one.
We didn't take the kids trick or treating this year for many reasons but I did plan a whole day of halloween themed things for them.
Morning started with atc cards from their NaNa she makes beautiful things and they always appreciate receiving them it always brings excitement for them.
I made each of them a card and a skull ring pink with pink glitter for my daughter classic white for my son. To set the spooky mood.

At lunchtime came treat bags i hand painted My sons a pumpkin man,My daughters a witch, Filled with goodies and treats vampire teeth with chocolate oozey centers boo bars candy corn candy pumpkins etc.

They enjoyed much of this. Dinner time brought pot roast with potatoes and corn followed by cupcakes I made for them with decorations spiders bats ghosts candy corn orange cupcakes with black frosting. They were in awe:)

After dinner and clean up they had their baths got into their jammies and watched Tv for a little while during this I decorated my craft room simply with faux spider webbing spiders etc and set the seats just so.

Ahead of time hubby and I had found a kids ghost story online and had the props ready 2 frozen latex gloves filled with water and candy eyeballs. (The story can be found here)  It's called One Halloween night and child appropriate.

We opted out of the spaghetti , spaghetti sauce and peeled grapes props and just stuck with the simple.
My daughter screamed when my husband put the frozen hand in her lap in the dark just as it was mentioned in the story my son laughed, The worst was when the chocolate peanut butter eyeballs that in the light the wrappers do look like eyes went flying from my daughters hands across the room. if you read the story you can as they did appreciate the humor in all of this.

After the ghost story when the lights came back on and the props could be seen and laughed at I heard in Unison "This was the best Halloween ever" We decided We wanted something that for them would last throughout the day and be a bit more meaningful than just simply maybe remembering what they dressed up as this year. The fact that we managed to do this for them and they didn't feel like they were missing anything said we succeeded.

It truly was a great day for all of us and one that we will definitely remember and we believe they will as well. I hope everyones halloween was as wonderful as ours.
Below are the creepy cupcakes I made and a photo of the eyeballs used in the story they are sitting on the halloween card that the kids ATC cards from Nana Were in.

Soccer Moms Guide to Wicca

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


 At a time when we seem to have been hit harder then many and not as hard as some by the economy & financial issues. A time when literally monetary wise we don't have any extra.
I find myself thinking about things that mean much more than material things.
Sure enough money to pay the monthly bills, fill the oil tank, groceries, the holidays etc would certainly be nice and alleviate the stress we all feel.

We have so much that many just don't. I have wonderful children that give me new insight into values and life all the time. They show me the appreciation of small things on a daily basis.

A husband that loves us all more than life itself and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our happiness.

I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life and have met a couple of new wonderful additions recently.

I believe that people are brought into our lives whether long term or short term for a reason whether or not we may know what it is at the time. Most of the time we eventually realize there may have been more of a reason than just a chance meeting.

Most recently some have taught me that I am not the only one going through  issues with children,special circumstances that we deal with on a daily basis as moms & parents and things that make parenting a little more of a challenge but in the end it makes it more special,unique and our appreciation grows evermore.

a support system is important and the kindness of strangers a few nice words a little time can make all the difference in the world.

I get up each day and try to remember only the positive things and keep moving forward. Not that the rough things aren't still there but the positive certainly make them more bearable by far.

This weekend is surely going to be a time for reflection of this for me and lots of time with my children & My husband the things that keep me grounded and focused.

I think it is so important that we all slow down from day to day life and the busy that can consume us and get back to the important wonderful things we sometimes tend to take for granted. A walk in the woods , a game with the kids, a movie with your spouse a simple thing to get us reconnected. The bills the house the errands aren't going anywhere and will still be there when you have spent some quality time.

Remember your blessings we all have them if we really stop & think about it.

Please check out the button in my blog it's an Excellent blog that is doing a  wonderful contest with lots of great prizes through the month of December I am fortunate enough to be donating to this with many other people that are incredibly talented. The 31 Days Of Yule.

Soccer Moms Guide to Wicca

Friday, October 23, 2009

It has been much too long since I have written. I spent all this week paiting and crafting and starting to get some items listed on Etsy with the up coming Holiday season fastly approaching I needed to focus on Christmas items even though Halloween isn't even here yet.

Last Saturday (The 17th) We took our 7 year old to the mall she has been promised she could have her ears pierced for quite some time now and for one reason or the other it hasn't been able to happen. We decided regardless of anything else it was time for her to have it done.

It has been a very long time since I had mine done at 12 and I guess still had that same price range in mind when we got there. I had the young sales person kindly show me the choices of earrings she could chose from out of the 14KT gold section so it reduced the chances of infection and told those are what I had to choose from for her "first time"
My 7 year old was ecstatic as the case twirled and she saw big sparkly white colored stones she saw the biggest ones and said those I said no, 80.00.......But the ear piercing is free with the earrings the sales girl said i nodded and smiled and was thinking and she's 7 lol

finally the case twirled and she found sparkly pink hearts 35.00 and yes the ear piercing was free:)
My next fear was that she would get through the first ear and not the next. she got through both with only the word oww uttered after the first. and she was happily skipping to her and her brothers favorite thing about the mall 3 minutes later The escalator we must go uo and right back down just once lol

It was part of her Christmas present and she was happy with this she has a list a mile long already of all the earrings she wants me to make for her. If i did she would be 80 before I finished them all:)

Her brother was asked by the sales associate(he's 10) if he was going to get his pierced  NOOO was his reply.

I have decided that this may be the last decent weekend with a temperature suitable for being outside and not bundled up in 6 layers so I am going to collect  some leaves while they are peak colors dry them and next weekend attempt some child friendly art projects with the kids. along with my usual collection of cat tails, berries,birch bark and a few small miscellaneous branches i generally rescue before winter.

Living near a lake there is usually plenty of all of that through the trails and it's so fun to collect all of it and find inspirataion the kids love it.

Hubby is usually chosen to wade through the trenches of the marshland to get the perfect few cat tails and later on pussy willows but he does it without complaint. I tell him at 6'4 water lever is ankle high compared to my 5'4 waist high that and his reach make it a considerably easier task for him to complete.

I am finally off to bed for some much needed sleep after this very long week.


Monday, October 12, 2009


Although I have graced this earth for going on 40 years now, It never ceases to amaze me how things change over time and I find myself wondering more and more about how the world is "evolving" each day.

In my grandparents day and my parents day people helped each other out without expecting anything in return and we were taught to do the same.

Today theres some social aspect embedded in our minds that if you help someone or do something nice you must either want something or have an alterior motive. i find this incredibly sad the exact opposite thing I teach my children.

I understand completely that "in this day and age" we need to be a bit more cautious of things etc but the fact remains even in my grandparents age there were those same kinds of people you needed to beware of or watch out for but their worlds didn't revolve around it nor did they live their lives that way. They lived with a basic philosophy that people are generally good.

I am certainly not going to stop doing nice things for people because my house got broken into a few years back, I certainly don't feel like everyone that comes to my door is just like the person that did that. Nor will I ever judge others and assume everyone is out for themselves.
I have been blessed with many wonderful and good people in my life and I hope that people would feel that same way about me.

I will continue to teach my children to be kind to others to do good deeds and look beyond themselves as I hope other parents are as well.

A few bad apples doesn't mean you have to burn down the orchard and I believe thats how we should all live our lives.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Shop

This weekend was productive. I finished 3 projects designed and poured an array of new resin pendants that will keep me occupied finishing them for quite some time.
I made a beach glass copper wired pendant that I am incredibly happy with.

It's nice to be able to switch back and forth between painting and jewelry one really inspires me with the other and I LOVE color both are a great way to experiment with this.

My husband designed 3 pieces this weekend himself , he refuses to let me list any and i really wish he was open to it as with anything he does his incredible attention to detail makes all things beautiful.

His support is incredibly good for me he isn't afraid to say he doesn't likesomething or what he would do differently and at the same time he will tell me he loves something and I know he means it. It's so nice to be able to just be creative and him behind me during the entire process.

We watched extreme makeover tonight and the previews stating that Trace Adkins will be on it next week says I won't miss that one for sure. I really like that they have added celebrities to the show that jump in and help also especially the ones that aren't afraid to get dirty and just dive right in. It makes it nicer and i am sure even more exciting for the people blessed enough to have this done for them. Very Inspirational.

Now were watching House One of Hubbies favorite shows he likes his attitude:)
Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week and I have many projects lined up, 2 to finish and a few to start so will be listing new items in my shop throughout the week.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Just when I thought I had nothing to write about you know the good , little everyday things that just make you feel good. I Have had alot going on and life has been a little stressful to say the least crafters block, probably from all of the above.
Just when I was feeling like the harder I try the worse things seem to get or that what I do isn't up to standards.

Life & Love step in again and I remember.

Today the mailman came the same way he does every afternoon and I opened the box to find a package, From my mother in law who just recently returned from Hawaii Inside gifts from there for My Husband, & I and the kids.
She is always thoughtful like that and always thinks of others:)
It was an up.
Then tonight unexpected an e-mail from a friend That not only made me feel much better but opened my eyes and made me think alot about how I had been feeling by the end of the e-mail I was thinking how most of what I was thinking was ridiculous. Most of what I was thinking and feeling has alot to do with societies idea of how life should be etc and not my own and not even realistic in ways.

Sometimes we all get to that lowest low and I am certain feel just the way I did.
The positive is we will get through it we will rise above and we will see the other side it just may take a while and we will probably be where we consider ourselves at an all time low again and the cycle goes. It's life.
The reward is wonderful people in our lives that take time from their own lives and problems issues to think of you and let you know you're important loved and worthwhile and then it really doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks.

Crafters Block

Today was rainy,dark and cold a typical transition of Fall Into Winter Uninspiring enough in itself.
I have had crafters block lately Just like writers block I don't know what to work on what to paint do for jewelry or design and it has shown I normally would add a few items to my shop each day from daily creations But I haven't been able to do that this week.
I am my own worst critic but I am just out of Inspiration. Sunny Days were so much better.

I finished painting some lighthouse themed soaps today and am not happy with them I could do them over but think I will just start all over again on a new day. I also did some champagne flutes designed and painted as toasting glasses for a bride & groom those turned out much better not perfect but better.

I realize I am not perfect no van gogh for sure but at the end of each year i see progress in this self taught painter. I have never taken an art class I can't draw much of anything but most things I can better better at some than others and like some surfaces better than others like any crafter i do have my strengths and weaknesses and I try to develop both equally as much.

I was hoping that my halloween items would do well in my shop being so different but it takes time.

over the weekend I plan on doing a large canvas painting working on some ornaments my husband and i made and that I will paint as well as finishing up some drink coasters I have put on hold.

If the weather cooperates I am going to go out for a nice walk and try to get some inspiration from nature for both my painting & Jewelry.

The lake and trails being so close really makes it nice for a stroll and some peacefulness.

I have met so many talented people in my craft corner If you're a crafter you have to go and check it out very nice and very talented members there.

My RA has been acting up in my right knee thats making things difficult also and very togh in the hands however greatful I can still do what I do to the extent that I do and will enjoy it while I can, Just in case there comes a day when my hands just won't allow me to craft any longer.

I think tonight will be an early night for me some extra sleep may just give me a new outlook tomorrow:)
Thanks so much for following me and for reading my plan is to update every evening and I am going to do my best to hold to that.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Joys Of Life

There was no crafting for me this weekend. Honestly  know some are going omg so what? Well for me I don't remember the last time I went a day without making or doing something I consider creative But a whole weekend?
No way ever would I do that.
This weekend was different however because I have been spending so much time lately crafting  and trying to get my name out there that I really put aside what wont or cant wait.

This morning my 7 year old said Mom can I use this wire and wire this no was my response, I need that she said I know for your jewelry... sorry, and off she was to her room. Something about that exact moment kept eating at me for the next 5.I got up put my things away yelled upstairs and asked her how much wire she needed cut it for her helped her with her project and got her outside her first question was mama why aren't you working on what you love I said I am I am right here with what I should be doing and with what I love the most she smiled. for some reason today i decided the crafting could wait and I needed to get back to what won't or can't.
Don't get me wrong we all spend time together as a family have time we do things together get out of the house and have family time but somewhere along the line for me crafts became my job and I am most definitely a workaholic I have to be doing something all the time.
So this weekend for the first time in a month there were no new listings on etsy. My time was with my kids where it belonged. They absolutely need what I have to offer and love me unconditionally and are much more important than some painting or a necklace and surely need the time more. all week long while they are away at school I can craft:)
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing we overlook those important things. Today I realized I can live with myself if I don't get that perfect necklace, earrings, or painting done. But I can't if I miss those moments with my children that only happen once.
I'd rather spend the time with my family that afterall is my greatest accomplishment & and creation and one that will live on long after all of my material creations have past.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Entering October

Today was an eventful day the 2nd of October brought cold weather feeling more like November The running of the furnace and the realization that it will soon be running all the time as will our fuel man to our rather old home.
It also marked My oldest sons 20th Birthday another realization that a couple of decades have passed and I am getting older( not that  don't have reminders of that on a daily basis:)
He has grown beyond the birthday parties and mom making him a birthday cake he goes to work and does what we do I look at him and still see my Baby sometimes and other times i see a fine young man an adult I am proud to know and love. Incredibly smart,talented and responsible. Assurance for me I was not perfect but I did OK and more importantly he did in making good choices along the way and learning from the not so good ones as well.

So today was a pause & a bit of reflection for me a little while to craft and create and relax.
I painted a new set of Martini glasses today with Flamingos I just needed something fun and warm.
Wine glasses and other stemware are my favorite thing to paint they are so unique each one something you can't buy in any store when you have done it yourself and a gift people always appreciate.
No matter what design you choose it always makes an otherwise plain glass just shine and is something people love.

I watched pirates of the caribbean  3 with my youngest 2 children a movie I have seen many times but thrills them more I think each time. It was nice for some reason they chose tonight to be one of the only ones that TV or where to sit etc doesn't cause a war. They were very relaxed and peaceful. They are 10 & 7

They keep me crafting and keep me listing refusing to let me get discouraged and want to know consistently what i am making doing etc. They are a major support system for me whether thay realize it or not as is my very patient husband -The poor man deals with alot through my creativity and never seems to mind:)
I am truly blessed to have him in my life and greatful for it everyday.

Another support system is a wonderful group I joined a group for artists whether you sell your crafts or just do it for fun. Wonderful people there and a great place for crafters of all sorts. I am also thankful I found that and look forward to continuing to get to know others in the group as well. So many unbelievably talented people there.

If you have a chance check out my shop and feel free to send me some feedback what you would like to see,what you would like you can't find anywhere, or just feedback in general positive or Constructive critisim is welcome afterall they both help you grow.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Heavenly Homes Decor

These are some of my recent creations I have found such new joy using resin there isn't anything I have found that i can't encase in it preserving it forever in time The process is time consuming but it is always worth it in the end. I have things that are sacred to me small tokens from my lifes journey and my childrens and have decided a perfect way to preserve them will be in special resin pieces.

I can use dyes make any color and any shape i have tried everything.

I can also incorperate my hand painting into it which I absolutely love.
Custom orders are a joy to do~ a special treasure belonging to someone else to encase forever- a pair of movie tickets, babies first lost tooth,  photos. and of course colors ,shapes and the stories that always come with them.
The stories are my favorite part I love listening to others memories of life I find them so interesting and inspirational.
We all have those special ones that we remember that mean everything to us truly priceless.
We sometimes forget in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the obligations we have seem to sometimes over ride slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little things to really appreciate them.
Time waits for no one and somehow I would like to think by preserving these small moments in time is a way to make it eternal, things that will be passed down when we get old & treasured by generations ,that won't end up in a garage sale somewhere.
Check out my shop on etsy and see what I do and if there is anything you love or think someone else would and as always send me your stories and if you wish your custom orders. i would love to help you preserve a memory for a lifetime.

My Journey Into A New Business

" You Miss 100 % of the shots you never take"-~Wayne  Gretzky~

With this ever so powerful quote in mind it far surpasses the world of hockey but applies to everyday life. I have tried recently to very much apply it to my own.

I am an artisian That was so difficult for me to say for so long because I never considered myself that I thought that Artisians were way above my realm of artwork or crafting that I just did things I enjoyed or liked and then later occasional made some money at it not alot but enough to make me believe some of my "talents" might be ok.

Now I know that I do quality work that art is just that art and all of our interpretations are different and so are our talents. The beauty lies within and the ability to do it without a paycheck and keep going is harder than any job out there or any recreational muse.

I started my own shop on etsy I am still learning the picture part gets frustrating but I am truly enjoying it.

I do many mediums I do not limit myself to one and am always trying new things.
I taught myself to do decorative painting some years ago and am still developing this but I truly enjoy it. I do beaded jewelry mostly earrrings and necklaces those are my favorite pieces to do but I find myself finding lots of inspiration for brooches and pins in recent months as well.

I love steampunk I am still experimenting with this also and most recently found poly resin what an awesome medium to work with providing you can have a fairly controlled temperature and well ventilated area.

I have had to learn to be totally creative work with what i have and find new uses for items it has given me inspiration and some very unique pieces that anyone else would have a difficult time duplicating.

I am hoping that through my experiences and writing it will inspire other crafters like myself other unique artisians to keep doing what they are doing and share experiences with others so that we may all learn and grow.

If you really want to do something,you have to at least try if you don't try you can't succeed or fail and you will always be left wondering. The journey is the best part the greatest reward with the opportunity to grow and learn.

Please sign up and follow my blog and my work in my shop at

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