Monday, October 12, 2009


Although I have graced this earth for going on 40 years now, It never ceases to amaze me how things change over time and I find myself wondering more and more about how the world is "evolving" each day.

In my grandparents day and my parents day people helped each other out without expecting anything in return and we were taught to do the same.

Today theres some social aspect embedded in our minds that if you help someone or do something nice you must either want something or have an alterior motive. i find this incredibly sad the exact opposite thing I teach my children.

I understand completely that "in this day and age" we need to be a bit more cautious of things etc but the fact remains even in my grandparents age there were those same kinds of people you needed to beware of or watch out for but their worlds didn't revolve around it nor did they live their lives that way. They lived with a basic philosophy that people are generally good.

I am certainly not going to stop doing nice things for people because my house got broken into a few years back, I certainly don't feel like everyone that comes to my door is just like the person that did that. Nor will I ever judge others and assume everyone is out for themselves.
I have been blessed with many wonderful and good people in my life and I hope that people would feel that same way about me.

I will continue to teach my children to be kind to others to do good deeds and look beyond themselves as I hope other parents are as well.

A few bad apples doesn't mean you have to burn down the orchard and I believe thats how we should all live our lives.