Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Joys Of Life

There was no crafting for me this weekend. Honestly  know some are going omg so what? Well for me I don't remember the last time I went a day without making or doing something I consider creative But a whole weekend?
No way ever would I do that.
This weekend was different however because I have been spending so much time lately crafting  and trying to get my name out there that I really put aside what wont or cant wait.

This morning my 7 year old said Mom can I use this wire and wire this no was my response, I need that she said I know for your jewelry... sorry, and off she was to her room. Something about that exact moment kept eating at me for the next 5.I got up put my things away yelled upstairs and asked her how much wire she needed cut it for her helped her with her project and got her outside her first question was mama why aren't you working on what you love I said I am I am right here with what I should be doing and with what I love the most she smiled. for some reason today i decided the crafting could wait and I needed to get back to what won't or can't.
Don't get me wrong we all spend time together as a family have time we do things together get out of the house and have family time but somewhere along the line for me crafts became my job and I am most definitely a workaholic I have to be doing something all the time.
So this weekend for the first time in a month there were no new listings on etsy. My time was with my kids where it belonged. They absolutely need what I have to offer and love me unconditionally and are much more important than some painting or a necklace and surely need the time more. all week long while they are away at school I can craft:)
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing we overlook those important things. Today I realized I can live with myself if I don't get that perfect necklace, earrings, or painting done. But I can't if I miss those moments with my children that only happen once.
I'd rather spend the time with my family that afterall is my greatest accomplishment & and creation and one that will live on long after all of my material creations have past.