Wednesday, October 28, 2009


 At a time when we seem to have been hit harder then many and not as hard as some by the economy & financial issues. A time when literally monetary wise we don't have any extra.
I find myself thinking about things that mean much more than material things.
Sure enough money to pay the monthly bills, fill the oil tank, groceries, the holidays etc would certainly be nice and alleviate the stress we all feel.

We have so much that many just don't. I have wonderful children that give me new insight into values and life all the time. They show me the appreciation of small things on a daily basis.

A husband that loves us all more than life itself and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our happiness.

I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life and have met a couple of new wonderful additions recently.

I believe that people are brought into our lives whether long term or short term for a reason whether or not we may know what it is at the time. Most of the time we eventually realize there may have been more of a reason than just a chance meeting.

Most recently some have taught me that I am not the only one going through  issues with children,special circumstances that we deal with on a daily basis as moms & parents and things that make parenting a little more of a challenge but in the end it makes it more special,unique and our appreciation grows evermore.

a support system is important and the kindness of strangers a few nice words a little time can make all the difference in the world.

I get up each day and try to remember only the positive things and keep moving forward. Not that the rough things aren't still there but the positive certainly make them more bearable by far.

This weekend is surely going to be a time for reflection of this for me and lots of time with my children & My husband the things that keep me grounded and focused.

I think it is so important that we all slow down from day to day life and the busy that can consume us and get back to the important wonderful things we sometimes tend to take for granted. A walk in the woods , a game with the kids, a movie with your spouse a simple thing to get us reconnected. The bills the house the errands aren't going anywhere and will still be there when you have spent some quality time.

Remember your blessings we all have them if we really stop & think about it.

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