Friday, October 09, 2009

Crafters Block

Today was rainy,dark and cold a typical transition of Fall Into Winter Uninspiring enough in itself.
I have had crafters block lately Just like writers block I don't know what to work on what to paint do for jewelry or design and it has shown I normally would add a few items to my shop each day from daily creations But I haven't been able to do that this week.
I am my own worst critic but I am just out of Inspiration. Sunny Days were so much better.

I finished painting some lighthouse themed soaps today and am not happy with them I could do them over but think I will just start all over again on a new day. I also did some champagne flutes designed and painted as toasting glasses for a bride & groom those turned out much better not perfect but better.

I realize I am not perfect no van gogh for sure but at the end of each year i see progress in this self taught painter. I have never taken an art class I can't draw much of anything but most things I can better better at some than others and like some surfaces better than others like any crafter i do have my strengths and weaknesses and I try to develop both equally as much.

I was hoping that my halloween items would do well in my shop being so different but it takes time.

over the weekend I plan on doing a large canvas painting working on some ornaments my husband and i made and that I will paint as well as finishing up some drink coasters I have put on hold.

If the weather cooperates I am going to go out for a nice walk and try to get some inspiration from nature for both my painting & Jewelry.

The lake and trails being so close really makes it nice for a stroll and some peacefulness.

I have met so many talented people in my craft corner If you're a crafter you have to go and check it out very nice and very talented members there.

My RA has been acting up in my right knee thats making things difficult also and very togh in the hands however greatful I can still do what I do to the extent that I do and will enjoy it while I can, Just in case there comes a day when my hands just won't allow me to craft any longer.

I think tonight will be an early night for me some extra sleep may just give me a new outlook tomorrow:)
Thanks so much for following me and for reading my plan is to update every evening and I am going to do my best to hold to that.